Life Coaching - Transformational Conversation

with Yoga Fusion Founder Greg Riley

What qualifies me to engage individuals in this sort of deeply personal and powerful interaction? The worldly qualification is training with CTI, Coaches Training Institute, perhaps the most respected personal coaching training institution in the nation. However, my esoteric qualification runs much deeper.

I believe my best qualification is a lifetime journey divided into 2 very different chapters. Chapter 1 featured a life lived as disconnected as a human being could be from their true purpose resulting in desperation and near self-destruction. Chapter 2 has featured a series of awakenings (sometime rude, sometimes spiritual), resulting in a renewed connection with a Power that completely lifted up a life in ruin and set it on a path greater than i could imagine. This curriculum is not taught at any college or university. This transformation was nothing less than miraculous and i take no credit for it, other than a willingness and diligence to participate in the dismantling and rebuilding of a new sense of Self.

As the result of having my own life radically redirected for the better, my life purpose clarified into helping others uplift their lives. This has followed with 17 years of talking with others, conversations (sessions, if you will) for the purpose of healing, now numbering in the thousands. In working with others, and my own personal experience of teaching Yoga and life-coaching, I draw from and feel at home working with several of the most powerful healing and transformational modalities available for individuals seeking healing/transformation, including:

  • The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali
  • The Sermon on the Mount (an esoteric interpretation)
  • A Course in Miracles
  • 12-Step Recovery
  • The Law of Attraction teachings
  • Life-coaching principles and practices
  • All great systems of human healing facilitate remembering who we really are. All dynamic teachers, counselors, and coaches help their students remember their true nature and connect to the power that is available at all times to guide, inspire, strengthen, and heal. I invite all individuals who desire to overcome limitations and expand their lives to experience life-coaching with me. While significant progress can be made on our own in progressing through life’s challenges and limitations, there is a profound effect that comes when 2 people gather together for the purpose of raising consciousness and discovering clarity.

    Here are some of the situations people bring to me for coaching:

    Life transitions - Discovery of purpose - Goal setting and achievement - Finding inspiration - Feeling stuck and uninspired - Establishing personal discipline - Realizing a dream - Developing or deepening a meditation practice - Effective communication - Finding self-expression - Learning to have fun - Relationship issues - Health problems - Building self-esteem - Emotional trauma and release - Grief work/overcoming loss - Addiction - Adult-child issues - Releasing negative patterns of thought - Freedom from anxiety and worry - Finding serenity and contentment - Connecting with a higher power - Finding your passion - Following your bliss - Knowing your place in the world - Realizing your spiritual Self

    How can I possibly have the answers to all these concerns? I don’t. You do. The answer and clarity to any situation you can have is right within your own consciousness. The journey, the creativity, and the fascination is the process of elevating your mind above the problem to where all answers are found, in a higher state of consciousness. However, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to solve problems we’ve created for ourselves with the same mind that created them in the first place. We have to have another mind help us.

    Every soul needs this kind of help and it’s a sign of strength, not weakness, to admit and seek help. This is the beauty of life-coaching, to join together with an experienced and compassionate helper and engage in authentic conversation at depth to get to the answers, the awakened state of consciousness that gives us liberation from difficulty and restores the power we need to shape our lives in accord with our purpose.

    Are you ready to move up and rise above limitation and difficulty? Are you ready to establish purpose and live passionately in the knowledge of who you really are? Then you’re ready for life-coaching with me. The rate for a 60 minute session with me is $100, or $360 for four 60 minute sessions.

    Several factors make life coaching with me a positive experience, not the least of which is the wonderful place i coach my clients. I coach clients in my peaceful cottage in Danville, an idyllic setting perfect for finding the quiet and clarity that reveals inspiration. Secluded away at the far end of a narrow road away from the bustle of the world, down by a creek, my coaching cottage has been the venue for countless revelations, discoveries, and awakenings and resonates with a feeling of healing, soothing, and serenity

    Please email at with questions or to schedule an appointment. I also offer a free approximately 20 minute phone consultation to discuss transformation conversation with new friends, to give them an experience of the process and to any answer questions. I look forward to talking with you.