Yoga Fusion Flotation Tank Therapy

at the Yoga Fusion Float Tank Cottage in Danville

$49 per 60 minute session
2 Float package now on sale for $89!

The Yoga Fusion Healing Cottage in Danville is now the sanctuary of advanced well-being and healing through Isolation Tank Floating, owned and operated by Greg Riley, the founder of The Yoga Fusion in San Ramon, Diablo Magazine’s Yoga Studio of the Year 6 consecutive years.  Situated in a beautiful and serene setting, a lovely little cottage in residential Danville, Yoga Fusion Floats is the perfect setting to experience the tranquility and serenity of sensory deprivation floating.

Since its inception a half century ago, Flotation Tank technology has become perhaps mankind’s most efficient and effective therapeutic tool for facilitating profound states of relaxation and relief from stress. By removing all forms of external distraction and stimulation, “Floating” in a blissful, gravity-free environment induces a completely natural and effortless re-alignment with our original and optimal condition of perfect mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Flotation tank therapy is the experience of relaxing on your back in 10 inches of water warmed to 93.5 degrees, with a dilution (approximately 1000 lbs) of Epsom salts to provide perfect and  effortless buoyancy.  This special solution of water is enclosed in a high-tech fiberglass module that is designed to eliminate external stimulation and distraction of all sensory input, thereby creating an ideal physical environment which facilitates relaxation, stress-relief, and meditative exploration.

To Float, simply schedule an appointment and you'll receive expert guidance by Greg who will explain the process with easy to understand, step-by-step instructions. A flotation session typically lasts 60 minutes and is carefully timed by Greg who is always on the premises for security, safety, and to help in any way.  New floaters are given thorough instructions that explain floating in detail, giving even brand-new floaters the understanding and confidence necessary for making the first flotation session a success.

The Process of Floating

Because of the extreme care given to the hygiene of our specially treated water, a client follows a system before and after using the Flotation Tank.  The process includes a shower prior to entering the tank to remove any natural oils or beauty products from the skin, and includes shampoo (but not conditioning) the hair.  After showering, the floater dons a comfortable cotton robe and makes the short journey to the isolation tank in complete privacy. Prior to entering the tank, the floater inserts comfortable ear-plugs that both deaden external sound while keeping the ears completely sealed from water. After the Float, you return for a finishing shower and then are invited into the comfortable guest area for some quiet time to re-acclimate with “regular” reality.  From arrival to departure, an average float session lasts 90 minutes.

The Water

The water within our flotation tank may well be the most pristine and hygienic water you will ever encounter. It undergoes, multiple times per day, a comprehensive filtration process which removes all particulate matter and UV sterilization which kills any and all living organisms. Combined with the natural disinfecting qualities of the dense Epsom salt solution, there is no cleaner or safer water environment to relax in.  Floating in an IsoFloats Flotation Tank is many times safer than swimming in a public swimming pool or even your own backyard hot tub.

The Benefits of Floating

The benefits of Floating are virtually unlimited because the deepest underlying effect of sensory deprivation floating, profound and total relaxation, is conclusively proven to elicit measurable improvement of function in every fundamental system of the human body.  Every year, more and more scientifically verified data continues to pour in from around the world from researchers who are conducting experiments measuring the positive effects of floating on a enormously wide spectrum of topics, including:

  • Stress relief
  • Pain management and relief
  • Recovery from physical trauma and injury
  • Anxiety/obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Attention deficit disorder/ADHD
  • Migraine relief
  • PTSD/emotional trauma recovery
  • Weight loss/weight management
  • Peak athletic performance via pre-event floating/visualization
  • Rapid recovery from post sports/athletic stress/strains/sprains
  • Relief from rheumatism/arthritis
  • Improved joint function coupled with increased functional range of motion
  • Treatment of addiction/cravings
  • Stimulation and release of latent creativity/inspiration/imagination from within
  • Visualization/goal-setting/mind-mapping
  • Rapid learning via guided imagery/audio/video
  • Increased capacity to experience joy/fun/pleasure via improved endorphin production
  • Enhanced meditative/contemplative capacity coupled with improved depth of transcendence
  • Increased self-knowledge/understanding via deep and profound self-introspection
  • Enhanced well-being and increased joy via magnified present moment awareness
  • Upon reading the list above, one may be tempted to say “why, that is impossible, floating seems to be able to treat every condition and bring improvement to every human concern. That is too good to be true”.  And yet, the scientific research continues to validate the positive benefits of floating across this wide band of human experience. How is this possible? It could well be that the deepest effect of floating, the ability of the human nervous system to achieve unprecedented and previously unavailable thresholds of relaxation and internal alignment, stimulates an utterly natural and spontaneous capacity of the human brain to resolve and integrate healing and self-improvement at a depth unavailable through any other conventional means of treatment.

    Floating may be “better than too good to be true” because it is true; i.e., scientifically and empirically proven to release the most powerful and dynamic capacity of the human mind/brain, the ability to assess, diagnose, and bring healing wherever it is most wanted and needed in the moment. Most people have a belief that we have just such an innate ability to heal ourselves, but have longed for a tangible, practical method of doing so.

    All the scientific data in the world, no matter how voluminous and compelling, cannot substitute for personal experience, therefore we make no specific claims other than our own personal experience while we invite you to bring your own personal condition, desire, intention to the tank and conduct the most vital scientific experiment of all, the test of improvement by results. The groundswell of human opinion and scientific research is trending strongly toward the radical and paradigm busting results of Floating for producing advanced health and well-being.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens if I’m claustrophobic?

    This common question fortunately has a very encouraging answer.  The feeling of being in our flotation tank is generally described as being extraordinarily spacious and liberating, the exact opposite of claustrophobia.  In virtually every instance, new floaters who have a concern of feeling confined report feelings of ease and spaciousness after their first float.

    How hygienic is the water in the tank?

    The water in our flotation tank is powerfully filtered several times per day and circulated through full UV sterilization during each filtration cycle, making it impossible for any microorganism to live in the IsoFloats tank.  This dynamic sterilization in combination with over 1000 lbs of Epsom salts makes the water in our tank most likely the cleanest and most pristine water you will ever experience.

    What happens if I fall asleep?

    Not a problem and it happens all the time when floaters achieve profound levels of deep relaxation.  The extreme buoyancy of the saline solution makes it impossible to turn over in the water.

    Do I need to bring anything with me?

    Just an open mind and willingness to relax and restore at depth.  We have the towels, robes, earplugs, shampoos, conditioners, hair dryer, and grooming aids you need to have a completely comfortable and convenient floating session.

    Will my skin wrinkle up (prune) and shrivel?

    No, in fact, your skin will feel better and softer than ever.  The Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) in the tank water have been used by cultures all around the world for thousands of years to promote silky soft skin with a natural glow and radiance.

    Are there any conditions under which I should not float?

    Not many, but there are a few and they are obvious:  first 24 hours of a cold or flu, any infectious disease, epilepsy, menstruation, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, open sores, history of mental illness.  You will be given a brief liability and disclaimer form to read, acknowledge, and sign before your first float.  Please call isoFloats with any questions or concerns in advance, we are here to answer your questions and serve your best interest.

    Can I float longer than an hour?

    You certainly may, many floaters insist on doing so!  Please see the float pricing menu page for information on longer floating sessions.  Note, first time floaters are limited to a 60 minute session, longer float sessions are available for those who are returning for subsequent floating sessions.

    Should I eat before coming?

    There are no specific recommendations regarding eating before floating, although a heavy meal may simply cause you distraction while the stomach is going to work on digestion while you are floating.  Having a little in your stomach before your float is a common sense recommendation.